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Developing Software for Business Applications in PHP, JSP, Word Press. Customized IVR Solution for Call Center. Using Database as backend tools MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, Visual Foxpro, SQL Server.

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IVRS & VOIP Call Center

Setup a call center we provide the following:
1. We provide a Analog & PRI Based VoIP Gateway where telephone lines will be terminated.
2. Whenever a call comes the caller will be greeted with a welcome message and then connected to an agent.
3. The Agent will have Soft phone loaded in his desktop or IP Phones and the call will be attended by him.
4. When ever agent is busy the caller will get an information that he will be contacted soon. The CLI Captured will be stored in the database with Timestamp and can be retrieved at any moment.

All type of Agent Module:

An agent is define by a unique alpha numeric Id. The main attribute of an agent is it's the set of skills and its SIP location. The set of skill will tell what call to be receive and SIP will determine where the call must be send. The agent has a initial log –state whether he/she logged in or not. Agent can receive calls as well as they can make outbound calls. On receiving a call the agent will get a pop-up with CLI and any further detail are available in database against that CLI. Agent can initiate call conferencing between caller , agent and other official. If any call is in queue for that particular agent / skill then agent will get a notification in his/her login position.

Queue Management:

Sometimes you need to add people to a queue at a higher priority than that given to other callers. Perhaps the caller has already spent time waiting in a queue, and an agent has taken some information but realized the caller needed to be transferred to another queue. In this case, to minimize the caller's overall wait time, it might be desirable to transfer the call to a priority queue that has a higher weight (and thus a higher preference), so it will be answered quickly. In queue the system can play several announcement to caller like the position in the queue or the average wait time of the caller in queue or make periodic announcement thanking the caller for waiting.


1. Able to retrieve the calls, information which has not been attended by agents.
2. Proposed module showing some main features but user can add-on additional features as per requirement like ACD, Agent Software, Voice Mail, Voice Logger etc.
3. Very easy to access and configure, In proposed module one toll free number having two landline numbers connected, If management found that huge calls are coming in these toll free number they can add n number of land line availability of IVR port.
4. Main call flow of IVR can be modified at any stage as per management requirement.

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