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Hospital & Nurshing Home Managment

Hospital & Nurshing Home Managment

Nursing Homes and Hospitals are those Business Units where there remains a constant flow of Patients and Doctors in and within the City Limits and in some cases from far-flung suburbs and neighboring countries also. We develop the Package, where the service level of any Hospital can be improved by reducing the time and providing Quality Patient-Related Services like Admission, Discharge, Testing (OPD & IPD) and other services like Inventory, Payroll, Housekeeping, Accounts and MIS Report. At the same time you do not lose sight of your Business Performance as this package also provides up to minute information on the performance of all the business entities in your Hospital - anytime, anywhere, just by choosing the right icon on the screen.
With this package you can access, track, share and secure all patient related information which would then provide important inputs for analyzing patient profiles and performance - all the information that you would need to focus on patients problem. And, quite apart from realizing how easy it is to achieve all these with this package, you will more certainly recognize the key role that our package will play in achieving and improving your Business Performance.
The ability to offer differentiated and personalized service to your patients becomes critical in the competitive hospital business. You need to respond to your patients' needs quickly and efficiently, no matter whether they are part your valued Corporate Accounts or some one who is trying your Hospital for the first time.
Instantaneous Discharge:
Increasingly hectic world of Hospital Business, it is important to reduce the time your patient takes to reach the Bed of his/her choice. This Package's checks in procedure ensure that from your guest folio you have the access even to the views and attributes of the available Beds, at the click of a button. Equally, this Package gives you the option to capture your patient's preferred mode of settling bills with facilities like Billing with Testing, Medicines, Food Charges, Phone Charges etc., or record the amenities that the patient will be provided.
Efficiency at your Outlets:
This package includes a full functional module for handling brisk business at your Testing Centers and Outlets like Medicine Shop. Testing Entry (OPD/IPD), billings and payments are simple and easy with full integration with in-house patient folios as well as for walk-in patients.
Discharge with a Relief:
Breeze through the rush at the Discharge Counter with this Cashier's module with option to facilitate Discharge with other details like details of testing, medicines, consultancy with Multiple Folios, Multiple Payment Options and so on. And at the end of Discharge you will still have the option to put the patient details including the type of diseases and their diagnosis in your Patient History for your future reference.
Manage with Ease
This package eliminates the long wait, the search through bulky registers and totaling errors to provide you with up to the minute Sales Details, be it for the any Hospital or any Testing Centers. Just click the right icon on the screen and see the information as a Report or may be as a Chart to get the right feel. Monitoring Receivables and Payables is another area where this package will save you lots of time so that you can spend more time in looking after patients. Added to these, the advantages of Automatic Telephone Billing, links to Standard Accounting Packages and many other such utilities to offer Quality Service and manage your operations better. Yet with all these this package is amazingly easy to use and master. You will discover a simple and practical way to train your staff. This Package has been built using contemporary client server. This is GUI based software having the features like internet connectivity.

Data Security:
  • User access controlled by identification
  • Password and individual rights
  • Operational staff cannot alter past data
  • Periodic transfer of data
  • Locking of the previous year's data
  • Facility of regular Backup
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